Rashman – how best to describe it?

"They're the kind of superheroes who would rather go to McDonald's for a burger than fight crime", was how someone once clumsily summed up the series.

Rashman revolves around the seemingly random everyday life of a superhero called Rashman and his aptly named gerbil side-kick, Rashpocket. Growing up on a gerbil farm in a small country town, for years longing the excitement of the big smoke, the two sprightly sacks of shit now live the dream - spending their days soaking up the city, the clubs, the 2 dollar hot dogs and the 2 dollar whores.

Occasionally, however, the two mofos dabble in their official job description, fighting crime and trading non-sexual blows with the city’s most notorious underworld crime lord, Chickensweat – an evil, frail rooster. Did we mention he has a hot mum? He does.

Hilarity and random shit ensues. Confirm it with your eyes.