Rashman, birthed Cessil F. Stapler, was raised on his parent's gerbil farm in the small country town of Shmullamulla. 'Twas here that he befriended his 6th birthday present – a tiny gerbil runt bestowed unto him by his father, Herbert. Cessil named him Pocket... the gerbil that is... not his father... his father already had a name which was Herbert (see previous sentence). The two became besties and remained forever side by side – at home, at school, as Cessil lost his father, as Pocket lost his virginity, etc.

Several years and a self explanatory event involving a Cantonese midget later, Cessil found himself the unlikely superhero of Shmullamulla, trading under the new handle, Rashman. Before long, however, he and the newly branded Rashpocket realised not much “goes down” in Shmullamulla. They were bored shitless and the untimely death of Rashman's wife, Ng Mui, who was crushed to death by 15 solar panels at their wedding in the world's first solar powered church, was the straw that broke the camel's hymen. RM and RP packed their bindles and set literal sail for New York City – a crime hotspot, they'd been led to believe. The rest, as they say, is irrelevant.