Rashpocket, or Pocket, is a perky Mongolian gerbil born the youngest in a litter of 4 brothers and 7 sisters on Herbert Stapler's gerbil farm. Unfit for sale due to his disproportionately large ears and, as Herbert put it “because he's a bit shit”, Pocket was presented as a gift to young Cessil on his birthday. At the age of 4, Pocket had his tail pecked off by a rooster during the bi-annual Shmullamulla Cock Muster and as a result is often mistaken for a guinea pig, hamster or reticulated python.

Rashpocket, as he became known post mysterious midget-event, fully embraced their new found big-smoke superhero lifestyle. On arrival to New York City, Rashpocket and Rashman went on an immediate 3 day bender, leaving the frivolous rodent with alcohol poisoning and temporary blindness. Later that week, it came to light that during their debaucherous adventure, Rashpocket bedded one of the most notorious underground crime lord's mums – Mrs. Sweat... the unusually hot, human mother of Chickensweat – the city's most powerful rooster. Henceforth, a fierce rivalry began to grow and the Rash-stainz have locked metaphorical antlers with the Sweat-meister ever since.